Anxiety & Panic Attacks

The experience of anxiety can be a struggle. It can often feel like your mind, body, or both have been invaded by an energy that you can’t get rid of. Anxiety may manifest as worrying, obsessing, feeling like you can’t slow your mind or body, difficulty catching your breath (likely hyperventilation), rapid heart rate, and other mental and physical symptoms. It can also include panic attacks, which is a surge of mental and/or physiological anxiety that can come on quickly and be overwhelming to the point of debilitating.

Anxiety and panic can result from a variety of underlying causes, whether it’s from acute stress, chronic overwhelm, deeper relational or greater traumas, and more.

Working Together

In my practice, I work closely with the various forms of anxiety. We go at your pace in a supportive, warm, and reflective process as we get to know your experience and what is underlying your anxiety. Throughout our process I am here with you to help you work through these emotions as we create emotional balance in your life.


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