Creative Blocks

UnknownThroughout my career as a therapist, I have had the opportunity to work with many performing and visual artists. Some are at the early stages of their careers, while many are already established, working full-time in their craft. Artists often come to me to work on emotional connection and expression for their work while also working on a general life issue that may be happening simultaneously.

I have worked with many actors who are regularly on the stage or filming for movies and tv, as well people behind the scenes (producers, directors, et al) in the NYC and Hollywood entertainment industries. My work with creatives also includes visual artists and musicians.

Working Together

In my practice, I work closely with artists getting to know you and your craft, and what it is you’re wanting to work on emotionally. We go at your pace in a supportive, warm, and reflective process as we get to know you, your dynamic patterns, and the blocks you’re experiencing on a deeper emotional level. Throughout our process I am here with you to help you work through these blocks as we create more expressive freedom and emotional balance in your life and craft.


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