Depression can be a lonely struggle. There are varying degrees to depression. There can be a mild overarching sadness that weighs on you on a regular basis. There may be feelings of longing, deep nostalgia, feelings of loss (of people or time), you may experience loss of appetite, and other symptoms.

Depression can be moderate where you may have difficulty getting out of bed, missing work or school frequently, becoming less consistent with daily life care (showering, eating, etc.),  you may have thoughts about death and dying (but not necessarily of harming yourself), or feel a general hopelessness on and off, as well as other symptoms

More severe forms of depression can be accompanied by consistent thoughts of harming yourself and yearning for an escape from life. You may notice yourself wanting to sleep constantly and have great difficulty functioning in your daily life. These wishes for escape can turn into substance and alcohol abuse and other self-harming habits, as well.

Working Together

In my practice, I work closely with more mild and moderate forms of depression (severe depression often requires referral to intensive treatment programs). In our work together, we go at your pace in a supportive, warm, and reflective process as we get to know your your depression and what is underlying this. Throughout our process I am here with you as we work through and relieve the weight of these burdens to help create more emotional balance in your life.


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