Fear of Flying

This specialized approach to overcoming Fear of Flying, is designed to help you whether you are unable to get on a plane, or if you can travel, but with significant emotional discomfort. This method takes a comprehensive, personalized approach in helping you work towards resolving this phobia so you can fly and travel more comfortably.

Working Together

While some parts of this method are specifically structured, the method was intentionally created with the flexibility to be tailored to your individual needs and emotional history. Fear of flying is a very individual experience — the deeper origins that sets the stage for this phobia is different from one person to the next, as is the fear of flying experience itself. Once we are able to have an understanding of the underlying causes that are feeding your flying anxiety, as well as understanding your experience of fear of flying, your situation will essentially fill in the blanks for the method to be applied to you based on your needs. Therefore, each person I work with experiences the method in the way that makes the most sense to address what’s causing your fear of flying.

I have been using this method with people for over a decade now, and it has been highly successful in helping people (which I suspect is because of the personalized nature of this method — whereas many approaches to fear of flying tend to be one-size-fits-all). I have had many people come to me who feel like there’s no chance they will overcome this fear, and end up surprised when this approach actually helps them feel more comfortable about flying and better about traveling in general.

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