flower-858312_640Relationship struggles can be lonely and painful. They can surface during a relationship, or also when single. Struggles may be difficulty with intimacy, patterns of ending up in controlling relationships, infidelity, difficulty with communicating effectively, trouble surpassing the first few dates, frequent arguments, closing off or maintaining arm’s distance from your partner or others, and more.

Working Together

In my practice, I work closely with individuals who find themselves aware of difficulty in relationships (whether these are ongoing patterns, or new struggles). We go at your pace in a supportive, warm, and reflective process as we get to know your relationship dynamics and what is underlying these patterns of struggle. Throughout our process I am here with you to help you work through these issues as we create more of a balance in your relationships.


Contact Nathan for a therapy or coaching consultation. Therapy services are provided in-person in New York City or online. (Currently all sessions are online. In-person sessions will resume for those in NYC once the pandemic has subsided). Online coaching services are offered nationally and internationally. 


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